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If you're having problems with one of our products first check if your question has been answered below. If it hasn't then head over to our contact page.

DrumSpillage 2




DrumSpillage 2

Can I run DrumSpillage2 on M1 and M2 based Macs?

Yes, DrumSpillage 2.1 and higher now runs on Apple Silicon based Macs natively. Beta testing for native Apple Silicon support in v2.1 now in progress!

How can I upgrade from DrumSpillage 1.x to DrumSpillage 2?

You can purchase the upgrade in the shop. The upgrade costs £15.00.

Can I load my existing kits and pads into DrumSpillage 2?

Unfortunately kits from V1.x will no longer be compatible with V2 due to substantial changes in the DSP architecture.


I've lost my order confirmation and serial number. What should I do?

Your serial number was emailed to you shortly after making a purchase. If you are unable to locate the confirmation email (subject line = "DrumSpillage Order Complete") then please contact support via email (see contact page).

How many computers can I install your plugin(s) on simultaneously?

Two, provided that you own both machines. Multi User licenses are available, please contact sales for more info (see contact page).

I'm a student/teacher. Am I eligible for an educational discount?

Yes, we offer 25% discount for students in full time education and teachers/lecturers. Please contact sales for more info (see contact page). Educational discounts are generally un-available during promotion periods.

Will I receive free upgrades with my purchase?

Yes, for example, if you buy a version 1.x product all updates up to (but not including) version 2.x will be free.

Can I transfer my license to another user? If so how?

Yes, simply email us (see contact page) with the new owner's details and we'll transfer the license in full for free. The license will not be downgraded to an NFR license.

I bought a license for Elecktroid. What happened to this plugin?

Elecktroid has now been discontinued.


I downloaded and installed one of your plugins but I can't find it on my computer. Where is it installed?

Our plugins are AudioUnit plugin instruments and as such require an AudioUnit plugin host program to run. Some example hosts are: Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live, FL Studio, MOTU Digital Performer, Five12 Numerology, PreSonus Studio One, Renoise, Plogue Bidule, Cockos Reaper, MuLab, Garage Band etc.

Your plugin won't open in Ableton Live. What went wrong?

You need to make sure that AudioUnit support is turned on in Live's preferences panel.

Your plugin won't open in Garage Band. What went wrong?

MiniSpillage is an AudioUnit instrument plugin so you need to launch it as an instrument. Try this tutorial.