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DrumSpillage   2.0.7
Multi-Model Drum Synthesizer

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  • DrumSpillage Drum Synth Pad Editor
  • DrumSpillage membrane model
  • DrumSpillage hi-hat model

12 / Synthesis Algorithms

DrumSpillage is a model based drum synthesizer plugin for macOS featuring 12 exclusive drum models capable of synthesizing a diverse range of electronic percussion sounds.

The models implement a variety of synthesis techniques including classic analog, physical modelling and FM synthesis. More info about the new features in V2 can be found here on our blog.

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Bass Drum
Dual oscillators, multiple waveforms and FM enabled. Tuned for deep kick and bass drums.
Bass Drum 2
Solid analog sounding kick drums with full control over pitch, decay and transient attack.
Snare Drum
Snappy electronic snare model. Fully customisable from classic TR sounds to modern snares.
Wood Drum
Flexible wooden drum model delivering natural and synthetic timbres from rim-shots to congas.
Synth Clap
Synthetic hand clap with control over noise source, clap speed and ambience tail.
Cow Bell
Modelled bell sounds with overtone, edge, filter, partials and q controls. Multiple oscillator shapes.
Dual oscillator + noise combination. Fully tuneable with unique flam and presence controls.
Sweet hi-hat sounds with precision control over dual-filters, oscillators and noise generators.
Rich source of metallic cymbal and percussion sounds featuring dynamic filter control.
Modelled after a suspended metal membrane. Generates dense inharmonic sound clouds and glass-like timbres.
Noise Drum
4 band pass filtered noise oscillators with variable Q, pitch and lo-fi effects. Now includes sine generators!
FM Percussion
A mini FM synth in itself. Generates a huge range of electronic percussion from sub-bass to snares.


Sound Design

DrumSpillage 2 gives you everything you need to sculpt original drum sounds that fit perfectly with your tracks. Each drum model has been carefully designed and tuned to create a specific type of drum sound, for example, kick, hi-hat and snare. The models offer extensive editing potential to create unique drum sounds that defy standard classification. The new unified interface in V2 makes it easier than ever to get the right drum sounds into your music. Kick drums may be tuned to specific MIDI notes and pads can be played across the entire keyboard. 16 individual outputs allow you to manipulate sounds further in your sequencer or DAW.


Integrated Effects

DrumSpillage 2 features a dedicated distortion unit, multi-mode filter, resonator and frequency shifter unit on every pad. Distortions range from analog style saturation to all out digital destruction. The multi-mode filter features a new analog modelled low pass along with high pass, band pass and band reject filters allowing you to sculpt the top and low end to perfection. A 3-band resonator unit provides simple spatialisation effects along with classic comb filtering that adds an extra dimension to your sound design. Finally the frequency shifter offers subtle shifting modulations or more extreme sound mangling effects.



In DrumSpillage 2 we’ve significantly expanded the modulation capabilities. With new LFO waveforms and extra envelope sources your drum sounds are now even more dynamic. In addition LFOs feature a cross-modulation feature allowing LFOs and envelopes to modulate the LFO frequency. Great for evolving and complex modulations. Almost every control in DrumSpillage 2 can now be controlled via MIDI velocity delivering extremely expressive rhythmic sequences.


High Resolution 64-bit DSP

DrumSpillage 2 is based upon a high resolution 64-bit DSP engine. The extra resolution from 64-bit DSP brings a smoother more detailed sound with deep bass, snappy envelopes, fluid modulations, precision filtering and punchy low end. Anti aliasing oscillators in the hi-hats, cymbals and bass drums keep the top end clean and the low end solid.


"DrumSpillage is a percussion power house. Supremely versatile and sonically first class."

Review by: Computer Music Magazine

"A stroke of genius. The plugin offers a huge range of synthetic sounds."

Review by: Beat Magazine

“Really impressed with DrumSpillage, it's one of the best sounding drum synths I've heard.”


"The synth engines are superb. It's the first drum synth plugin that's able to make top notch kick drums that can really drive my tracks."

John Tejada

"If you want to explore percussive sound synthesis this is definitely the plugin for you."

Review by: Sound On Sound

  • • Any 64-bit AudioUnit host
  • • Full Intel Mac support
  • • M1/M2 support via Rosetta2
  • • Apple Logic Pro
  • • Ableton Live
  • • Native Instruments Maschine
  • • FL Studio
  • • MOTU Digital Performer
  • • Presonus Studio One
  • • Cockos Reaper
  • • Renoise
  • • Apple Garage Band

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